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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Model 207 FT

  • Tension range upto 75 KGF
  • MLC System
  • 12V DC Protective control
  • Easy Strap feeding system
  • Power surge protection
  • ETD/EMTR Technology for tension accuracy
  • Adjustable electronic synthesizer
  • ALUMINIUM CASTING components and steel feed fixed roller for rustproff and easy flow of strap

Model 207

  • MLC System Controls feeding & tensioning, Sealing and other functions for consistent operations.
  • 24 VDC Protective control
  • COOLING TIMER ensures the sealing for light and heavy duty packaging
  • SINGLE PIECE die-cast heater blade for instant heating
  • AUTO POWER SHUT OFF during idle running


Model 207, Power Supply - 1Ø, 220v 50Hz
Driving Motor 1/4 HP, 220V 200W, Strap width - 6 - 15 mm
Strapping Speed 1.5 sec / strap
Min. Package size 60 mm
Max. Package Size Any size
Weight 100kg
Sealing Method Heat Sealing
Dimension 910mm (L) X 580 (W) X 730mm(H)

Floor Model

Also option of ball bearing top for heavy cartons.