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Continuous Band Machine


These band sealers are suitable for small bag packaging and adopt electronic constant temperature control systems and stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism. It can seal plastic films of various materials.

Special models are available for heavy packets of more than 1kg weight.

Battery Powered Tool

  • Friction - weld sealing for high seal strength. No metal seals required
  • 14.4V 300m Ah NiMH high capacity rechargeable battery. BOSCH 30 minutes charger.
  • Adjustable sealing time for various strap specifications
  • Ergonomic design and excellent weight distribution to reduce fatigue.
  • Easy "One - step" strap insertion.
  • Computer controlled operation monitoring system
  • Self-adjustable front & rear strap width guides to ensure perfect strap overlap
  • Changeable strap cutting blade and other wear parts
  • Optional balancer to reduce operator fatigue


Max Tension PET 70-200kg
PP 50-130kg
Battery Charger Voltage 230V
Strap Material PET / PP
Strap Width 12 to 16mm
Strap Thickness PET 0.5 - 1.05 mm
PP 0.65 - 1.05 mm
Weight 3.3 kg
Size 375 X 125 X 130 mm