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Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine- Table Top Model


as soon as you press down the vacuum case lid the machine automatically starts the process of vacumisation, sealing and flushing (optional)


the packed product is prevented from oxidation, rusting, moulding, dampness and insect infestation, this helps prolong the product storage period. Also useful to detect integrity of the pack seal.


food, pharma, engineering goods medical disposables, electronic goods etc. ,


Double Chamber Machine

Open type machine

The filled pouch with the product is placed in the special nozzle provided in machine. The Pneumatically operated jaws close the pouch first, removes the vacuum and flushes with nitrogen. All operations are timer controlled in this machine. Different sealing system like impulse and continuous sealing can be provided.

Vertical T-Chamber Machine

These versatile and latest in technology machines are used for vacuum, multiple gas flushing and multiple cycle capability. A wide range of modes are available to pack powder or granular products in ranges of 5kgs to 50kgs. These machine make packaging simpler with the ease of placing the product with bag in vertical fashion. A PLC controlled system is provided in the machine for flexibility and reliability in the cycle or process control. Options of mild steel and fully stainless steel construction are available. The product after packaging takes a brick shape and can stacked, handled and cartonised easily.

Sleeve Wrapping Machine ( Web Sealer )

Sleeve wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping and then shrinking cylindrical products like bottles, cans, boxes, big cartoon, bags, etc., with or without bottom tray. The whole process of sealing is mainly conducted in two steps.

  • Wrapping the product from top and bottom with the film
  • Shrinking the film around the product to pack it perfectly.