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Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine


Model SW 6030 + ST - 6040 is ideal for packaging single and multiple products without tray. The machine can be integrated into a production line to complete the process of product in feed, ilm wrapping, sealing & cutting, shrinking and cooling automatically , It can handle various packing patterns, For example, the quantity of the bottle to be packed can be 6,9,12,15,18,20,24 etc. per package.


  • Advanced International technology that assures stability and reliablity of the machine.
  • Left in feed conveyor belt or right conveyor belt as required.
  • Specially-designedsealing cutter that ensures perfect sealing without cracking or film sticked to the cutter;
  • The machine can handle 2,3or4 row of bottles with or without tray.
  • Worm gear reducer that ensures stable product in feed and film feeding.
  • Different vibrant feeding devices optional for bottles of different shapes.
  • Modular design, quick products changeover.
  • Double blowing motors adopted for models ST-6040 guarantee even heat distribution inside the tunnel, which leads to good appearence of finished package.
  • Adjustble hot air guide structure inside tunnel, energy-saving.
  • Solid steel roller covered with durable imported silicone gel pipe; chain type conveying.


The machne is used to shrink package beverage, beer, mineral water, pop-top Cans, glass bottles, etc. without tray.