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Collar Type Vertical Packaging Machine

Main Features

  • Suitable to package the heavy materials 1kg 5kgs.
  • Famous brand PLC control system wide version touch screen, convenient to operate.
  • Perfect alarm system to reduce waste.
  • Servo operated system for speedy packing.
  • The new upgrade former makes the bags beautiful and very easy to replace.
  • It can complete feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, changing {exhausting}, counting and finished product delivery.
  • Equipped with photo electric controller to ensure that is packing bag patters are perfect.
  • Electrical parts adopt world famous brand makes the machine work stable & low maintance.
  • Large Capacity Collection Hopper(S.S. 304) for Material.
  • Fitted with Kevel Sensor to keep check on material availability.
  • Glass Window Provided for easy visibility of material content.
  • Provided with fork slide Door system, to maintain material Flow.
  • The parts touching thr materials are made of stainless steel 304.
  • Volumetric Cup filling, Augur filling, weigh filling Arrangement.
  • 12 Filling Stations depending upon product and speed requirements.
  • High speed Drive from the main shaft of machine to synchronize the timing.
  • Teflon disc base / Shutters opening system for dosing of material at high speeds.
  • New exterior appearance and combined type of frame are made the machine become more precision on the whole.

Cup Filling Systems


Solid : Candy, Chips, Cookies, Nuts, Puffed food etc.
Granule : Rice, sugar, seeds, Granuler, medicines etc.
Powder : Spices, MSG, Salt, Sugar, Milk powder etc.
Liquid : Tomato sauce, fruit juice, rice vinegar etc.
Thick Liquid : Tomato Sauce, Jam, Chilli sauce etc.

Augur Filling Systems